How to pay

Buying in our online store is a simple process and consists of several steps.

1. Check out

After deciding what to purchase click on Add to cart product will be added to your cart.

Next, if you finished choosing products, press the button Your cart or Check out.

The page Your cart will contain all chosen products.

In the field Quantity you can change number of products which you would like to buy. After changing quantity of products please press button Recalculate for amending total order amount.

Also you can type in a discount code in the corresponding field.

2.Checking out and order confirmation

To finish and confirm the order please press button Confirm order after filling in the fields with required information for order delivery (recipients full name, delivery address, contact details, delivery option, method of payment etc.) Copy of the order will be sent to your email specified during order processing.

Attention! Incorrect phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address can cause additional delays! Please check your personal details when checking out or signing up.

Upon confirming the order, after certain period of time (normally within an hour), you will be contacted by our manager according to details provided during order processing. It would be possible to confirm delivery time with the manager and inquire about details.

Note: for returning customers the online store has Sign up section. In the personal section you can review the cart and order history, repeat or cancel the order and sign up for the newsletter.

3. Payment and prices

Prices specified on the web-site are final and do not require additional payments with standard delivery terms. All taxes are included in the cost of products.

Attention! For each separate order only one method of payment according to your preference is possible. Partial payment with different methods is not available.

Methods of payment:

  • Non-cash payment.
    The funds are transferred to the business account. Order is handled on the day of receiving the payment.
  • Collection on delivery
    Payment is made upon receiving the order at the post office.