Tourism is such a tempting word attracting each and everyone of us. Taking a rest in the countryside, away from the urban bustle and madness of everyday life is an opportunity to put aside work, forget about everything and relax in a truly proper way. Active recreation strengthens health, becomes a source of fresh and exciting sensations, gives pleasure of interacting with nature and supplies the energy for conquering new career peaks.    
The most important component next to the blade is handle. At all times knives handles had certain qualifying standards: it should be firmly fixed with the blade, convenient and not slipping out of hand. What is more, weight of the handle is chosen individually and depends on the weight and length of the blade. Knives handles can be divided according to used material:
Blade is the base of the knife, while handle is a shell which makes the blade convenient to use. Material of the blade is the key criterion of its value.
Sheath is designed to provide safety of a person when carrying the blade, also to protect knife from various destructive forces. Durability of sheath is a guarantee of knifes safety and its owners security.
No one knows for sure when the hunting knives appeared. Perhaps this is because hunting knife is one of the oldest human inventions. History of its development goes back into the most ancient of times. Age of the oldest knives is approximately 2.9 million years old. Although prototypes of hunting knives had been made from bone and stone. In 12 century mankind learned to make knives from steel.
Each hunter can talk for hours about his beloved hunting knife and keep explaining that choice of the knives nowadays is enormous. Once you get into a specialized shop you will be surprised how many options do exist.
Answering to this question is not as simple as it may seem to be at first sight. Choice of hunting knives today is very wide. The question is how to keep the mind focused in front of a large shop showcase?